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Ben Gallinaro

Military: U.S. Coast Guard
Sodexo: Executive Chef
Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Discipline: Culinary


Career transition from Coast Guard to Culinary
I served with the Coast Guard for two years and four years reserve. From there I went on and bought a business but since I loved to cook, I started doing little catering gigs on the side. When I decided to change careers, I went back to the Culinary Institute of American where I met my wife. My career moved along and ended up with Corporate Foods who became Marriott who now became Sodexo.

Working for Sodexo at Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Working for Sodexo has impacted my life and allowed me to settle down with my family. I was able to bring up my daughter, who now has a Master’s Degree, while enjoying a comfortable life. Working for the colleges has been good since it’s like a partnership between Sodexo and the College. They both give me the tools to be successful at my job and I get to be a little more creative, rather just following a straight line!.

Maintaining creativity in college food service
I have a lot of flexibility on the job. I just started a new station called Sakura in response to our Asian students who wanted more home cooking. Through a little bit of research and meeting with the students and client, we came up with the idea. We now have rice cookers in key areas, for lunch and dinner, which is something they really wanted. We also have a different soup and entrée every day. We even have chopsticks on the station if they prefer to eat that way. The student population has been very happy with the idea and implementation.

Jonathan Bowman

Military: U.S. Marine Corps
Sodexo: General Manager, Food IV
Discipline: Food Service


How did serving make an impact on your life and career?
I came into the Marine Corps on a six year contract in Food Service in 1987, serving at Camp Pendleton in mess hall and field mess. Cooking in the Marine Corps back then was a completely different animal than it is today. What we now provide to our service members is amazing.

I learned many things in food service from the Marine Corps, shaping my future career. Serving during Desert Shield and Desert Storm was difficult, especially being away from my family and new wife, but I would not be the person I am today if not for the United States Marine Corps. I wouldn't change any of my experiences, but wish I was able to give more to my brothers and sister of the Corps and to the United States of America.

I've been with Sodexo at Camp Pendleton for over 10 years, in a variety of roles leading up to my current role as a General Manager.

What was your biggest challenge transitioning to civilian life?
Coming out of the Corps in 1993, I didn't receive any assistance in my transition back to civilian life. Readapting to certain ways of thinking in civilian life was probably the most challenging adjustment.

What does Sodexo's HONOR organization provide to improve the quality of life of Veterans?
The support they provide to vets means the world. They respect our service and the skills we bring to Sodexo. They understand the military way of life and the sacrifices made by service members.

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William Hunter

Military: U.S. Marine Corps
Sodexo: General Manager, Food IV
Discipline: Food Service


Tell us about your experience in the Marine Corps?
I served in the Marine Corps infantry as a Dragon Missile Launcher and Tow Gunner, as well as serving as PMI and Barracks Duty. Over my six years of service, I learned about integrity and have been able to pass those values on to my children.

What did your career look like before coming to Sodexo?
I have a background in restaurant management and operations.

What advice do you have for those transitioning from the military?
It was very difficult to adjust from the military culture to a civilian lifestyle. My advice for other transitioning service members is to have a plan before being discharged. I had a plan, but not a backup plan, which is important too. If you have a hard time transitioning, connect with a support group for discharged service members who may also be having difficulty adjusting to civilian life.

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Moriah Baker

Military: U.S. Army
Sodexo: General Manager, Food IV
Discipline: Food Service


Did you learn about Food Service while serving in the Army?
I served as an 92 Golf in the Army at Fort Drum, NY. I became a soldier first, but then learned a wealth of knowledge from my SNCO's about food service. I started off at dish duty, moved up to cleaning chicken, and by the end had mastered every position and held an E-6 position in charge of rations.

How did you learn about Sodexo?
I was referred by a colleague through Sodexo's Star Finder program.

What were your biggest fears when transitioning to civilian life?
Finding a place to live, deciding on a career (or at least a job to start), changes to medical care changes, and the fear of the unknown. The military is a huge adjustment when you first go in but can be almost as challenging to adapt to civilian life when you get out. The structure that you adapted to while serving comes to an end.

What advice do you have for someone about to make that transition?
Attend the transition assistance classes that the military provides. Prepare your resume with transferable skills and attend job placement fairs that are offered.

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Alan R. Keay

Military: U.S. Navy
Sodexo: Operations Manager, Food II
Discipline: Food Service


Tell us about your service?
I served as a Hospital Corpsman, ICU Tech at Bethesda Naval Hospital and a Squadron Corpsman for VF-213 on the USS Kitty Hawk, based out of Miramar Naval Air Station.

What did you learn during your time of service?
I learned to take responsibility for the lives around me and to have respect for my country and my brothers and sisters who served before me and after me. There is a price to pay in service, but there is no freedom without sacrifice. My service impacted my life by providing discipline, work ethic, and the appreciation of my fellow service members and those that we serve.

How did your time in the Navy prepare you for your future career with Sodexo?
The military prepared me to be disciplined and focused, which is an asset in the workforce and in life. It has enabled me to handle multiple priorities, which is common in my position, and to stay the course.

What do you see as the biggest challenges when transitioning to civilian life?
My biggest challenge was finding a direction. It came down to using what I learned and applying it to the civilian work force. Veterans need job training skills and help with translating those skills to the private sector.

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Kim Robinson

Military: U.S. Army
Sodexo: Executive Chef
Cox Manheim Dining Center
Discipline: Culinary


Reaching the rank of E4, Kim was a Food Service Specialist in the U.S. Army for eight years. Her Desert Storm experience led to her receiving the Army Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medals and National Defense Service Medals, as well as the NCO Professional Development, Army Service and Overseas Service Ribbons. It was her military experience that prepared Kim for the Art Institute of Atlanta. This led her up the corporate ladder and to a lengthy career with Sodexo. In that time, Kim has appreciated the support that Sodexo gives to veterans.

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Benjamin Battle

Military: U.S. Navy, Petty Officer
Sodexo: Executive Chef
Univesity of South Carolina
Discipline: Culinary


I served in the United States Navy for 3 years as a chef. During my enlistment, I was deployed three times to the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean, each time for six months. I was recognized with a Captains award, combat award and many tour of duty medals. I completed my chef training through the Navy culinary school in San Diego, CA. The military prepared me for my current role with Sodexo as it taught me discipline, a good work ethic and an appreciation for life and people. Most of all, the Navy matured me. I am excited that Sodexo is recognizing veterans for their service to our country and is a company where transitioning military can come to work.

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Shawn Malinowski

Military: U.S. Army, Chief Warrant Officer, CW4
Sodexo: General Manager of Food Services
Sherwood - Appalachian Christian Village
Discipline: Food Service


I spent 24 years of active duty with the Army and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer (CW4), holding positions such as Brigade and Division Food Advisor and Registered Instructor and Proctor for Food Safety. I was deployed twice to Iraq and learned a strong work ethic that has carried into my civilian career. As a graduate of the NCO Basic and Advanced Academy, as well as the Warrant Officer Basic and Advanced Academy, I was taught leadership, management and technical skills which definitely prepared me for my current role as a General Manager of Food Service in Sodexo Senior Services. Sodexo’s support of our veterans is excellent and getting better every day.

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Keith Waterfield

Military: U.S. Navy, Master at Arms
Sodexo: General Manager, Universities
Discipline: Food Service


I started out as a cook in the Navy; I worked as a Ships Baker, a Captains Cook and Supervisor of an Officer Dining Facility afloat. College, along with all of the leadership training that I received and still receive in the Navy, helped me gain a great understanding of the food service industry. The military has taught me to be structured and how to follow protocols to get the job done. Currently, I am serving an active Reserve role in Navy Law Enforcement, in addition to my position with Sodexo. As an Area General Manager, Healthcare Division, I am able to share the leadership skills I learned while in the Navy. I work hard to be a great role model for all of my fellow workers, employees and client contacts.

In 2007, I had the honor of representing Sodexo at the ESGR Freedom Award banquet where we were recognized. As a reservist, there are times when I am away (sometimes for up to 6 weeks) from my position but with support from my fellow GMs and my District manager, I know I will come back to a well-managed facility. This year I am looking forward to serving on the Military Network committee.

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